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The Start Package is perfect for startups and founders looking for technical expertise at a discounted rate. eHelply will work with you and your company to translate business requirements into technical requirements that can be used by any development shop including eHelply. We will also work with you to ensure you understand how technical requirements work.

By the end of the engagement, we will provide you with a technical requirements document, training materials, and optionally a statement of work for moving forward with our MVP package to bring your idea to life

While we were progressing through Cultivator we met many fantastic business minded founders who asked us for technical advice. Proper technical requirements and expertise can make or break a startup in the early days.

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eHelply has worked with many startups to help translate their business requirements into technical requirements. Along the way, we will provide recommendations and advice to help you find the best balance of features and cost to get your MVP to market fast. 


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