MVP Package

The MVP package is ideal for startups and founders looking to bring their idea to life. We will assign an eHelply Strike Team to your project. Each of our talented Strike Teams includes a project manager, a designer, and multiple developers – all the expertise you need. The Strike Team’s goal is to bring your idea to life as quickly as possible while maintaining the eHelply quality standard. 

eHelply will work with you to train your own development team along the way. The goal of the MVP Package is to get your product to market fast while building your own in-house technical expertise, so that your company can be self-sufficient going forward

Your MVP is critical to your success, it's your customers first look at what your company has to offer. Not only do you get a great MVP to help launch your startup but you are being provided with the technical knowledge to help you make the technical decisions yourself; which helps you take your startup beyond just the MVP.

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Each of our Strike Teams have decades of experience across project management, development, and design. For a startup friendly hourly rate, you gain access to this wealth of expertise to help bring your idea to life. Plus, your application will be built upon the stable, reliable, and scalable SuperStack giving you access to a catalog of features for the fraction of the price it would cost to build them from scratch. Why re-invent the wheel?


In addition, you will need to provide us with a brand book, design mocks, and a technical requirements document before we can begin. 

Not only do we offer discounted hourly rates, but we also utilize the eHelply SuperStack to speed up development to reduce the number of hours required to build your MVP.

Support Addon

After development is complete, you will want to launch your product! To help support your launch, we offer a 12 month support addon to monitor and troubleshoot your application in case anything goes wrong. 

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