MVP+ Package

The MVP package is targeted to startups and founders looking to take their product to the next levelWe understand that not all startups can afford to hire in-house development teams right at launch. We also understand that startups that have launched will be gathering lots of customer feedback that they will want to act on. That’s where the MVP+ package comes into play. 

We will work with you to develop the next iteration of your vision. We will also assist you in building out technical expertise within your company.

MVP+ is one of the most important aspects of any startup.

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As a startup ourselves, we understand just how expensive it can be to take your product to the next level. That is why we wanted to offer a package that still offers startup friendly pricing to help tide over your development needs over the first few years of a launch. 


In addition, you will need to provide us with your existing code base, a brand book, design mocks, and a technical requirements document before we can begin. 

Not only do we offer discounted hourly rates, but we also utilize the eHelply SuperStack to speed up development to reduce the number of hours required to build your MVP.

Support Addon

After development is complete, you will want to ensure your product is running like a well oiled machine! We offer a 12 month support addon to monitor and troubleshoot your application in case anything goes wrong. 

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