Kickstart Package

The Kickstart Package is perfect for startups and founders looking for technical, branding and design expertise at a discounted rate. eHelply will work with you and your company to translate business requirements into technical requirements. In addition, we will work with you to build out your brand and develop mocks of your application. 

By the end of the engagement, we will provide you with a technical requirements document, training materials, and optionally a statement of work for moving forward with our MVP package to bring your idea to life. We will also provide you with a brand book and design mocks. These resources make for great marketing materials and presentation aids.

"Kickstart" really says it all. Branding and high fidelity mocks to build up your marketing portfolio, and technical requirements to take your idea right into development!

daniel hendry

Technical requirements are crucial to a startup’s success. Not only that, but a great logo and appealing design mocks are critical to wow-ing potential investors and customers. 


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