What is eHelply?

Back in 2018, Shawn and Jenn got in contact with a doctor who was looking for an intelligent scheduling tool to use in her practice. They built a prototype over the course of 6 months, and eventually realized that if they could make the tool more general-purpose, that they would build something that could improve the lives of practitioners across Canada. 

In 2019, Shawn and Jenn founded eHelply and brought on additional expertise in business and technology to help them along the way. Thus, the eHelply Dream Team was born! Together, they all had a common goal: improve life one app at a time

eHelply was accepted into the Cultivator program in 2020. Throughout the rest of the year, the team at eHelply realized the value they could provide was so much more than intelligent scheduling. 

The team at eHelply had built a general-purpose stack of services which could be used to build any application (kinda like assembling lego bricks!). In December of 2020, eHelply pivoted to developing a cloud of application features which they affectionately refer to as the eHelply SuperStack.

In 2021, eHelply made their first sales, spoke with numerous incubators and investors and began bringing ideas to life using the eHelply SuperStack. 

The Dream Team

Shawn Clake

The Executive Visionary and Founder

Jennifer Herasymuik

The Technology Mastermind and Founder

Gilbert Niyoyita

The Operating Wizard

Scott Cheston

The Financial Guru

Daniel hendry


Wilson Nie


Jordan Protsko


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